Playa Blanca


A Heavenly Beach to Visit

0-16m, easy, beach access

papagayo DIVING LANZAROTETurquoise water, golden sand, calm ocean, sun and sheltered cove; this cove has everything needed to take a dip and a look around under the surface. Both for those learning how to snorkel and for those more experienced in this sport, Papagayo invites us to get in the water. The landscape inside the water is as spectacular as the scenery on the outside. The marine life will peak your curiosity to observe the behavior of all types of marine animals, such as the restless ornate wrasse, the colorful parrotfish or the strange spider crab.

Playa Flamingo

Home to Large Schools of Fish

0-18m, easy, beach access

Flamingo diving LanzaroteThis dive is impressive because of its simplicity and because of the quantity and variety of the schools of fish present there. You will get unbeatable visibility on the outside of the breakwater the majority of the year in this area. We can enjoy schools of bastard grunt, barracudas, salema, striped seabream, bogue, sand smelt, sardines and tuna that swim along the coast. The white sand serves as a hiding place for spotted torpedo, angel sharks and spiny butterfly ray, which is why we should not forget to look for their silhouette at the bottom.


The Light House

20-40, technical, boat access

Lighthouse playa blancaOpposite the lighthouse, an immense mass of rock rises up from the sand looking like a huge pyramid that begins at a depth of 50 m and rises up to 20 m. The existence of this great rock structure, tied to the strong currents known to the area, make life that swims freely in open water congregate at this spot. This is why this dive is ideal for observing tiny plankton, as well as, large swimming animals that travel through the Atlantic.

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