Costa Teguise – Mala


A Mysterious Giant Runs Aground Forever More

0-14m, easy, beach access

TELAMONThe first name of this ship was Temple Hall, and was renamed many years later by a Greek crew to Telamón, in honor of one of the Argonauts that together with Jason plowed the Grecian seas in search of glory and adventure. It ran aground under this name in 1981, while it was transporting a valuable wood cargo from the Ivory Coast and it was never able to sail the seas again. Currently, it is cut in half with the ships stern projecting out very close to the shore, creating a well known Lanzarote scene.


Local Diver’s Secret

0-40, easy, beach access

Like all Canary cliffs, the great Costa Teguise wall has the ability to attract and gather life. A great variety of crevices are found over its almost two mile breadth. This dive is highly prized by local divers. Inside the caves, ledges and cavities, all kinds of species live, from tree coral, to red hogfish, grouper or triggerfish. Curious white bream and ornate wrasse will also closely follow divers throughout the dive.


A different Scenery from the Volcano to the Sand

0-40, easy, beach access

MALA DIVING LANZAROTEThis is a very good dive option when there are poor ocean conditions to the southwest. This spot is notable for its purely volcanic rocky landscape, sprinkled with white sand. There is an excellent sample here of many of the Canary ecosystems within a very small space. On the high part, the rocky bottom is covered in a colorful carpet of seaweed. Below 10 m, the Diadema urchin has created extensive urchin-grazed barrens, –rocks without algal covering named in Spanish as “blanquizal”- and the rocks, before they disappear into the fields of sand, tend to form cliffs and caves. Black coral forests only accessible by trained divers grow below 40-50 m.


Trip into the Bowels of the Volcano

0-30m, advanced, beach access

Mala CoveThe island’s spectacular volcanic nature gives us a sculpted landscape completely different on this dive and shows us a magnificent volcanic channel that we can travel through as if it were an elevator. This wide cave enjoys an infinite amount of skylights that create a unique atmosphere. IIn this dive area, there are other sites worth visiting such as the Ascensor Chico (Small Elevator) or Puerto Moro (Moor Port), which are characterized by volcanic landscapes with caves, tunnels and large arches.


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