La Graciosa

la graciosa

La Burrera

A garden untouched by the passage of time

18-25m, easy, boat access

graciosa mero xtremLa Burrera is deservedly famous for being one of the best dive spots in the Canaries. This place is spectacular because of it’s labyrinthine landscape, with big rocks, arches, columns, crevices, all of which shelters abundant fauna and flora. It is one of the few sites on the archipelago where algal forests still stand without being devoured by the Diadema urchin. The currents and swells have preserved this oasis of plant life in the vast desert of spines. This site is perhaps a reflection of what the island depths were like before having been altered by humans.


La Roncadera

A great Rock quarry for the show of a lifetime

18-35, advanced, boat access

La graciosa divingIn this picturesque place, the rock looks graded, forming a wide amphitheater, as if it was a Roman circus. A field of red and yellow sea fans, that give color and an exotic touch to the dive, are situated on stairs all decorated as if for a great performance. The actors are red hogfishes, torpedoes, amberjacks, damselfish, and the school of bastard grunts that give the dive site its name.


Veril de las Anclas

Diving in History

15-21m, easy, boat access

la graciosaA thick rock shoal rises from a flat sand facade that extends close to one kilometer, crossing perpendicularly El Río: it is known as the Veril de las Agujas (Cliff of Needles). Several dive spots exist here, such as Veril de las Langostas (Lobster Cliff) to the south or Cueva de los Jureles (Cave of the Kingfish) to the north. Between them, Veril de las Anclas (Anchor Cliff) stands out. Its walls, sculpted by the erosion of the ocean, serve as a refuge to a great number of fishes, such as stingrays, red hogfish, grouper, parrotfish, and surprisingly, due to the lack of them in the rest of the Canaries, brown meager. The dive has a historic feature: the amount of old anchors that are found along the length of the bar.


Veril de las Langostas

A sea of Life in “El Rio”

 14-20m, easy, boat access

La graciosaThe Veril de las Agujas (Cliff of Needles) provide many picturesque areas to dive in. The far south, known as Veril de las Langostas (Lobster Cliff), is especially noted for the formation of its rocks and the abundance of fish. The sharp rocky cliff reveals a completely different landscape than any other area in Lanzarote and the lobster, the diving area is named after, can be discovered by searching in the caves and crevices. The resident barracudas are attention grabbers because of their large size and how they threaten the great amount of fishes, going back and forth along the schools of bastard grunt, bogue and striped seabream.


Montana Amarillo

A dreamlike Bay

0-15m, easy, boat access

La GraciosaMontaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain) is one of the emblematic places in La Graciosa and the Canaries. Its color is due to the type of eruption that created this volcano when magma mixed with ocean water. The rocky picturesque land formations continue underwater, creating a landscape that is characteristic of the depths of the Chinijo Archipelago. Whether with tanks or with masks and a snorkel, divers here will discover the secrets of the Marine Reserve. Very close to this site, a very interesting dive site known as Punta de la Cocina (Kitchen Point) exists, with corridors, arches, and caves, where forkbeards, giant anemones and even manta and bull rays can be seen.


Las Canas

Nature’s whims

6-15m, easy, boat access

diving lanzaroteThe ability to dive in this labyrinth carved into rock is a true privilege. Here, we find passageways, caves with large columns and multiple exits, arches and rocky walls carpeted in a colored layer of seaweed that shelters an oasis of life. Schools of anchovies, bogue and bastard grunt play “hide and seek” in the crevices and in the caves, while at the same time swimming harmoniously to the sound of the melodies created by the waves. There are few occasions that the ocean allows this area to be dived – maybe this is why it reserves especially magic moments for us to get to know it.

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